All About Beet Box Produce



Our mission is to make it easy to eat healthy and contribute to growing the tide of thought that organic is better for you, for me, and for the planet!  The benefits of local and organic produce are numerous and organic is the way that food was meant to be eaten and enjoyed.


Every Fresh Food Friday, we will donate $2 of each purchase (from Fresh Food orders) towards a charity.  The charities we currently rotate include the following:  Foundry, Mobile Grocery, and Hotel Inc.   Thank you in helping us support the local community!


Our goal is to not only supply great organic produce to your door but also to partner with our local Kentucky farmers and incorporate their produce into your boxes each week.  By doing this we are helping to support our local farmers and get their products out to families who may not have tasted their goodness. While some of these farms will not be certified organic everyone we partner with will be of the same mind using pesticide free farming methods.  

At Beet Box our goal is to bring healthy, delicious food to your door at an affordable price!!