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Beet Box Dinner for Two

Beet Box Dinner for Two


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Box will contain 3 different meals each week with options available for swaps. This is great for a couple or a single person with enough left over for lunch the next day!
You will also have the Beet Box Shop available to add other grocery items or other single serve meals.

What's in it?

Smothered Pork Burritos
Smothered Pork Burritos, 2 (each)
Smothered Pork Burritos have slow roasted pork, black beans and rice along with salsa verde inside and a cheese sauce on top. They are served with Mexican Slaw...see more

 Meatloaf and Sides
Meatloaf and Sides, 2 (each)
A healthier cleaner take on our classic meatloaf.  This version is sure to please.  Served with Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes...see more

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs
Buffalo Chicken Meatballs, 2 (each)
Homemade buffalo chicken meatballs are covered in a compliant sauce and served with sautéed kale and spinach and artichoke twice baked potato   W30/Paleo...see more