Roasted Golden Beets and Pears

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Source: Chef CJ - Bowling Green KY

Roasted Golden Beets and Pears


2 Golden Beets (cut in half)

4 Pears (cut in half)

4 Pecans (roughly chopped)

1 TBS Goat Cheese

1 TBS Local Honey

Sea Salt to taste


Roast Beets and Pears for 15-20 mins

take Beets and Pears out of oven and let cool

Once cooled trim charred edges off of beets and thinly slice 

Plate Beets and Pears and add a dollop of goat cheese to each pear 

Add toasted pecans to beets

Drizzle the Beets and Pears with honey and sprinkle with Sea Salt



Tip:  buying local honey and eating it in season will help reduce allergies.  It does have to be local and in the current season for it to work. 


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